What I’m doing now

Part of the /now page movement by Derek Sivers.

End of January 2017. The year marches on.

We took guardianship of two rescue dogs from Romania. I forgot how much work is involved in the beginning. Blue and Tallulah had never lived inside before. Both were timid and upset in various ways. It’s been tough but we can see good progress and we’re forming a nice pack now.

I have just put my city project live. Surviving the City is a collection of lessons I learnt from living in Bristol for a couple of years. I’m happy with how it has turned out. It’s another website built purely for those seeking knowledge. If you’re a city dweller who struggles at times then please do visit: Surviving the City.

My next focus is on rapid software development. I’m looking for an antidote to some of the over-engineered and fragile projects I often come across. Compassionate design and communication are more important than trendy internals. I plan to dig deep on FileMaker.

Then my biggest and brightest project. More on that later. :)